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The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Gym

Why choose us?

The path to health is not always easy, the path to health is not always fun and can often feel like a constant battle against ourselves.

We all lead busy and stressful lives (especially those of us who have young children) and tend to put everyone and everything in front of our own needs.

Where does this leave us?

 In most cases, piling on the weight, feeling down and disappointed, often frustrated with ourselves for not being able to look a certain way, stick to a training regime or diet, then throwing our hands up in the air and thinking, I’ve messed it up now so I might as well keep on going!

This is what we call the vicious cycle of self-sabotage and a sure way to stop ourselves from ever achieving the things we have always wanted!



What if there were a way (and there is) that you could change your mindset towards yourself and feel empowered to reach your goals in a healthy and self-respecting way that would mean ‘realistic and long-lasting results for good’.

Notice that I did not use the word ‘weight loss’ in this question.

You see, when weight loss is our major driver for wanting to feel better about ourselves, it makes everything we do an obligation and the entire process become arduous and painful.

At studio84, we help people shift their motivating factors towards ‘feeling strong, feeling vibrant, feeling amazing, reclaiming that Mojo and Zest for life and wouldn’t you know it, the journey actually becomes more enjoyable and weight loss happens as a bi product!

We are a brother and sister team who care deeply about you! Our Studio is our baby and we treat our clients as family.

Instead of focusing on what it is that you don’t want, (and attracting more of it) we will coach you to focus on what you DO want – Optimal health, a vibrant glowing body, feeling empowered, feeling in control of your life again, feeling like you are a good role model for your friends and family and more.

You will be looked after holistically, well supported and nurtured along your journey to optimal health and wellness in our beautiful 5 stay facility – Your Home away from Home



Melissa Degabriele

My name is Melissa and I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Food Coach and Mentor.

Exercise, health, and nutrition have always been a part of my lifestyle. I began training at the age of 16 as soon as I was able to obtain a gym membership and have since been exposed to many different styles of training including CrossFit, Weights, Functional, Yoga and Pilates.

Having struggled with an eating disorder and anxiety for many of my early adult years I began developing symptoms of IBS and hormonal imbalances including a plethora of food sensitivities making it very difficult for me to eat anything without having a reaction.

Feeling constantly bloated, tired, unable to concentrate, anxious and just blah all of the time was extremely frustrating and I became dedicated to finding out what was going on beneath the surface.

Most of my time was spent going from Doctors to Naturopaths until I was finally diagnosed with Hashimotos disease or Hypothyroidism.

Understanding my condition is helping me to heal and is continually teaching me the importance of having a healthy relationship with myself, my body and with food.

I am very excited about now having the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with others in helping them to make significant lifestyle changes.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


Samuel Degabriele

If you knew me back in school, I was a chubby, overweight, shy kid who was always the last one to be chosen when it came to selecting teammates. I never liked sports however during this time I discovered my outlet – weight training.

It was in the gym where I was able to lose weight, work on my physique and fitness levels and in turn, saw my confidence and self-esteem levels rise.

Now, after 9 years of experience working in the fitness industry, I have developed myself as a person and a personal trainer.

After winning the INBA championships in 2013 scoring first place in Men’s Fitness modelling, my focus on huge muscles and washboard abs slowly moved towards functional training.

Whilst competing and all of the preparation work was very hard on my body and state of mind, it taught me many things, the most significant being discipline and dedication towards achieving goals.

My training style is firm and straight to the point and I push my clients to excel.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

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