Studio 84

Willoughby’s Premier Boutique Fitness Studio.

At Studio84, we help people shift their motivating factors towards feeling strong, feeling vibrant, feeling amazing, reclaiming that Mojo and Zest for life.

The journey actually becomes more enjoyable and weight loss happens as a bi-product!

You will be looked after holistically, well-supported, and nurtured along your journey to optimal health and wellness in our beautiful 5-star facility.

Your home away from home!



“Great Studio with good knowledgeable instructors who have a lovely personal touch. Very nice atmosphere to work out in. Clean fresh and good equipment. Altogether it will inspire you to work out!


Instead of focusing on what it is that you don’t want, (and attracting more of it) we will coach you to focus on what you DO want – Optimal health, a vibrant glowing body, feeling empowered, feeling in control of your life again, feeling like you are a good role model for your friends and family and more.

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The Studio 84 experience

When you walk through the front doors of our studio you are stepping onto soft synthetic grass. As you scale our staircase with its domed lights suspended above, you are walking directly into our main common area where there are cushy sofas, shaggy rugs a modern coffee table and a hefty bookshelf. The common area adjoins to a kitchen area with its own fruit bowl and water filter welcoming our members. It’s a place where our members meet and sometimes hang out after their workout.  It feels more like walking into someone’s home rather than a gym.

The gym space itself is separate from the common area, and this is done deliberately to offer a comforting, non-intimidating environment for all our members. There are little mirrors in the gym space and the blinds are always drawn up letting our easterly facing building capture all those beautiful morning sunrises.  

Training in our studio is an experience. Apart from training in one of the North Shore’s more premium training facilities we offer an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in our services and culture with modular memberships that all you to pick and choose exactly the level of service you like.

Your first session at Studio 84 you will meet with our head coach, who will help you truly discover what you want to get from the experience. They will take you through an initial private session to assess your fitness and where you are at physically and then after they will suggest the best possible service for you.

They will either suggest starting with Private or Semi-Private sessions and then recommend some extra classes that you could add to compliment your personalised program.

If it’s weight loss you are after, then nutrition would be something we will discuss and perhaps joining up in our 9 Week Body Transformation Challenge.

You will get access to our mobile phone app which will make booking and rescheduling all your sessions a breeze, giving you full autonomy on how you can adjust your exercise around your life.

Best of all, you will meet our amazing, friendly trainers who all our members adore.

To truly get the most out of Studio 84, fully immerse yourself with all our services, come to all our social events and get to know everyone. The more friends you make, the more fun you will have getting in shape.


Samuel Degabriele

If you knew me back in school, I was a chubby, overweight, shy kid who was always the last one to be chosen when it came to selecting teammates. I never liked sports however during this time I discovered my outlet – weight training.

It was in the gym where I was able to lose weight, work on my physique and fitness levels and in turn, saw my confidence and self-esteem levels rise.

Now, after 14 years of experience working in the fitness industry, I have developed myself as a person and a personal trainer.

After winning the INBA championships in 2013 scoring first place in Men’s Fitness modelling, my focus on huge muscles and washboard abs slowly moved towards functional training.

Whilst competing and all of the preparation work was very hard on my body and state of mind, it taught me many things, the most significant being discipline and dedication towards achieving goals.

My training style is firm and straight to the point and I push my clients to excel.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


Growing up in Brazil, I was always the active child who could play, dance—anything, but I began my fitness journey in 2014 when I made the decision to prioritize my health over anything else.

By making a few simple changes to my diet, I was able to lose 9kg by myself and began to take training and diet more seriously. This led to the body of my dreams within three months. As a result of achieving this goal and encouraging friends and family to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I decided to pursue my passion as a career.

I came to Australia with the purpose of studying everything related to fitness. Since 2016, I have completed my:

    • Certificate III and IV
    • Diploma
    • Advanced Diploma
    • Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition)

All of these relate to my field of expertise, along with my current Bachelor studies. In 2017, I began working in multiple gyms across Australia, most of them being large and well-known brands, and my goal was to acquire as much knowledge as possible.

The opportunity to use my personal experience and professional qualifications to help clients is one of my greatest joys. In my role as a coach, I’m enthusiastic about helping people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic ways.

I will make it a goal to help you achieve a happy and well-balanced lifestyle that will minimise the risk of future health-related issues.


Ever since I was a kid I was very passionate towards sports, basketball in particular.

I loved it so much that I became a basketball coach and even trained people that would go on to sign up to division one basketball contract.

I had taken a liking to the gym during this time, especially body building. I fell in love with weight training and saw the benefits really fast. I went at it blindly at first, and perhaps lifting a little too heavy and hurting my back. I learnt a powerful lesson about the importance of proper form and technique and how to train within your limits. There was a long road to recovery but I eventually got there by adding some structure to my training.

In 2017 I wanted to help others discover the benefits of weight training and that’s why I decided to branch out and get my qualification as a personal trainer so I could help many other people besides athletes.

Since working at Studio 84 it really has helped me foster a genuine love and care for all the members. I have found it so rewarding to see all of them break through their plateaus and achieve their physical best.

I enjoy the social aspect of training people, especially when I got someone I can chat sports too. At the same time I know when it’s time to stop chatting and get down to some serious sweat time.


Become the best you know you can be