Weight loss shouldn’t be an impossible puzzle to solve.

Are you sick of…

  • Putting all your energy into workouts with no results?
  • Overly restricting your diet?
  • Getting worn out from strict eating plans?
  • Putting weight back on as soon as the diet ends?
  • Lack of support on your health journey from loved ones?

Then the 9-Week Challenge is for you.


What you get

The 9-Week Challenge focusses on nutrition and fitness, and pushes members to achieve their highest self in both.

Nutrition Coaching

Looking for holistic and realistic guidance? This challenge is for you.

Nutrition is all about balance and listening to our gut instincts, and we are here to support you in all things nutrition.


Every 9-Week Challenge we do produces amazing transformation for every member who participates.

We make challenging yourself achievable by providing you with full accountability from your trainers and fellow contestants.

Our supportive community is never more present than during our Challenges.

Progress check-ins

During the 9-Week Challenge, you’ll have a weekly check-in to see how your progressing with your weight loss, nutrition, and general fitness.

This helps members stay motivated, on track, and celebrating the small wins along the way.


“I was going through a very difficult time and, as an emotional eater, I put on weight which I found extremely difficult to lose, even with working out all the time.

When I heard about the 9-Week Challenge, I decided to give it a go…
I lost 6 kilos (8.5% body weight) and I am thrilled!

The 3 phases of the challenge are simple-to-follow, backed by scientific evidence, with a realistic meal plan allowing cheat meals and drinks.

The 9-Week Challenge gives you the tools you need to continue living a healthy life after the challenge.

Encouragement from the trainers was a bonus which helped me get the results that I did (especially their strategy for my binge eating).

I am so happy that I did the 9-Week Challenge.



What you get when you join the 9-Week Challenge

Start achieving your goals today



Register as a contestant for our challenge and choose whether you’d like to add an exercise program or not.



Come in for your initial weigh-in and orientation, and get all the information you need for a successful challenge.



Commit your time, attention, and effort for the next 9 weeks to give yourself the best chance to reach your target weight.



Have your final weigh-in, receive prizes, and attend our celebration dinner looking and feeling great.

What is the 9-Week Challenge?

The 9-Week Challenge is a weight loss competition that our members can choose to participate in to see who can lose the most weight over a short period of time.

We run this challenge three times a year and spaces are limited.

There are 9 simple rules, which we share with contestants once the challenge begins. These rules involve small incremental changes over the 9-week period so you can make small changes to your lifestyle, leading to big, lasting results.


Become the best you know you can be