I hope this is ok to post, I would like to give Sam and Melissa and their new gym STUDIO84 on Penshurst street a bit of a plug. Just did session 4 today after over 12 months in slothville and feel so much better already despite some apparent whining and moaning from sore muscles that haven’t been used in over a year. Walking in and going up the stairs was the hardest part (not that the sessions are a walk in the park). The space is gorgeous, immaculate and spacious and has everything you never even knew existed. I think the service from 2 very genuine people (brother and sister) is worth checking it out. They will give you a couple of trial sessions to give you a taste and help with any weight issues along the way. In a few months from now you will see this frumpy 48 year old transform into something healthier, fitter and so much happier so watch this space. I have every confidence that this is going to happen and feel excited to have chosen this place to help me along my journey. The proof will be in the (lack of) pudding

Katrina – Willoughby

Zoe Robertson

Great people, great place just awesome. Everyone needs to check it out !!!!

Florian – Willoughby

Wow! Awesome. Not only was the gym clean and full of new equipment but my trainer, Mel was inspirational. When I felt like giving up she urged me on and with her encouragement I finished a fantastic workout. She advised me on some nutritional things for my diet and then made me a great smoothie. I am glad I stuck it out and have now signed on for more workouts. I am looking forward to the new me. Thanks heaps Mel, I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Michelle Emmeriks – Willoughby

Mel at Studio 84 delivers a truly personal training experience unlike any PT I've encountered

Bree Williams – Willoughby

Dedicated and caring personal trainers !! It is really nice to have the quality one-on-one attention here. Having worked with a number of different trainers whose methods vary, I find Melissa 's approach is quite impressive. She is very mindful of my specific goals and designs a program based on my own strengths and weaknesses. She pays great attention to correct movements. I always get a full vibe of energy and enthusiastic encouragement coming here and leaving each session feeling my best :)

Kim Tran – Naremburn

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