We are glad that you are interested in learning more about our services.

At Studio 84, we offer the following

Nutritional Coaching and Guidance

Eating should be enjoyable. We eat to nourish our bodies, not to punish them. Many of us suffer with emotional eating, yo yo dieting, cravings and sabotaging relationships with food, feeling like we are constantly in a cage. Through food coaching, we empower you with the tools you need to set yourself free from the battle of food. Learn realistic and enjoyable ways of eating that help you get your life back! Stabilize mood/blood sugar levels, heal the body, reduce bloating and inflammation,settle cravings and assist in weight loss + LOTS more

One on One Personal Training

Personal Training is a great opportunity for you to have some one on one time with your Trainer. You are the soul focus of each session, designed to be unique and personalized to suit your goals. Sessions run for 45 minutes and include warm up, followed by an exercise regime and stretching.

Small Group Training

This is a great way to compliment your Personal Training Sessions and really ramp up your results. Small Group Training is fun and different every time to keep your body guessing. Clients love the social aspect and enjoy the fact that all sessions are kept small with no more than 8 people per session. This ensures that attention to detail and technique is paid and that all exercises are done correctly. challenge or be challenged to push yourself further or go at your own pace,everyone is welcome.


Boxing is a great release and fun way to train. Get results and burn through those calories without even realizing it. Walk away in a sweat and feeling GREAT like you have achieved something!!

Aerobic Disco (to Live DJ)

Bring back the 80’s with this incredibly fun way to train!

Build up a sweat without even realising it as your move through the light weight, high intensity moves to a Live DJ and flashing disco lights. A great way to increase fitness and tone up those muscles.

Yoga and Meditation

Stress Management is significantly underestimated when it comes to being healthy and happy and is a major WEIGHT LOSS blocker. When we are stressed, our bodies go into ‘Fight or Flight’ mode and think about one thing only…..escaping the dangerous situation that it believes we are in! In this instant, we are producing the stress hormones, Cortisol and Adrenalin so that we can run away. These hormones, when not used for fleeing the situation, are stored as fat in the body.Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, bring about balance and assist our bodies and minds in functioning properly. Come in and join us for a candle light Yin Session which focuses on holding certain poses for minutes at a time. Yin allows for us to get deep into the stretch, releasing muscles and emotions that are stored in the body. Yoga is for everyone!

The Shake Shack – Shake and Smoothie Bar

Come and enjoy a delicious, post workout protein shake or a healthy snack once you have completed your workout at our rustic Shake Bar. All of our protein shakes are made fresh by us straight after your session. We use a range of different vegan, gluten free, sugar free and dairy free protein powders packed with goodness and even provide for those who cannot tolerate a lot of protein. Most of our products are organic or made with organic ingredients including organic raw cacao powder and organic blueberries. They are delicious and replenishing and exactly what the body needs after a workout.

Reward yourself Guilt Free!

Bathroom and shower Amenities

Shower or freshen up in the bathroom facilities and then relax in our comfortable lounge area before leaving feeling replenished from your workout.

Group Performance Training Timetable

Day Time Session
Monday 9.30am GPT circuit
Tuesday 6.00pm GPT circuit
Tuesday 7.00pm Yoga (Yin)
Wednesday 9.30am GPT circuit
Wednesday 7.00pm Aerobic DJ (Live DJ)
Thursday 6.00pm Boxing
Friday 6.15am GPT circuit
Friday 9.30am
Saturday 8am GPT circuit